How do retirement villages work? Can I bring my pet?
What’s the difference between retirement living and aged care?

Find out the answers to your most frequently asked questions here.

What is planned?
When can I move In?
Can I view a contract?
What are the costs and what do the fees cover?
Can visitors stay with me?
Who can I speak with once the village is operating?
Can I view a contract?
What happens if I can no longer live independently?
What happens if I pass away?
How is the entry price set?
What are the floorplans available
How much are the available homes?
What will the village look like?
Can I have a pet?
Can I modify the design?
Can I put up my own pictures etc?
How do I request repairs?
Do I have a fence?
Can I have a shed or plant a garden in my back yard?
Will there be internet?
Will there be solar electricity?
Can I help with the shared gardens in the open space?
Can I go away on holidays?
Can I use this as an investment or bequests the dwelling?
Can I keep my caravan here?
Will there be a community centre?
Will there be services such as meals, health, housework, trips and activities?
Is there a security or personal safety service at the home?
What are the Village Rules?
Can I access support services?

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